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Hot press machine series Loader and unloader series Lift table Glue spreader series

Big prosperous machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Kunshan city is located in kunshan city private investment development zone, east new town it 40 kilometers east of Shanghai, 30 kilometers west of suzhou, 5 km to 312 national road in the south, north of 399 provincial road. Surrounding a beautiful environment! Convenient transportation, strong regional advantage. Big prosperous machinery manufacturing co., LTD., is all kinds of non-standard mechanical products design and manufacture of professional companies. Especially for man-made board machinery and equipment design, manufacturing has a very rich experience, has formed a variety of specifications of the hot press, cold press machine, glue machine series of varieties. Our products sell well in Shanghai, chongqing, hunan, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, henan, anhui, sichuan, shaanxi, guangdong, such as more than a dozen provinces and municipalities, and marketing of Indonesia, Malaysia, southeast Asia and other countries abroad. Reliabl......